Posted 5 hours ago

Took the long way to my car after work… Beautiful evening!! Got to explore the fancy new park :) (at Santa Monica Pier/ 3rd Street Promenade)

Posted 2 days ago

A little different view… Perfect weather for Earth Day :)

Posted 4 days ago

Didn’t get to stay at the Easter pot luck for long this morning but I did get to take some food with me and now I have the best lunch in the break room!!

Posted 5 days ago

Doorbell woke me up but I was rewarded with this bunny :)

Posted 1 week ago

Only 395 days to nail it all! Down!! #weddingplanning

Posted 1 week ago

Got Chris a little gift :)

Posted 1 week ago

No, Facebook! Not everyone gets engaged because they’re pregnant!

Posted 1 week ago

A little something special came in the mail today…

Posted 1 week ago

Its gloomy this afternoon so here’s a pic from when I got off work last night

Posted 1 week ago

Our new baby is wonderful!!