Posted 2 hours ago

My mom tells it like it is!

Posted 9 hours ago

Finally found a DC with my name on it and look what name was right next to it… :)

Posted 1 day ago

Advertising 101: be very careful what don’t you use when you have an ‘I’ following an ‘L’…. (at Sephora - Disneyland)

Posted 2 days ago

Made a side for dinner with friends

Posted 3 days ago

Painting :) (at Color Me Mine Westchester)

Posted 3 days ago

Mmm the best corn dogs and people watching! (at Disneyland)

Posted 4 days ago

I’m sure all of you are wondering why I haven’t posted parking garage pics in a while… It’s not because I’m over it or no longer appreciate the view, it’s because I’ve changed parking garages… Here’s my new view

Posted 5 days ago

We get a best there every year in our apt building… Looks like one little baby hatched :)

Posted 6 days ago

Holy cow! We have a Philz in Santa Monica now!!! @jean9nes #philzgoodinyourmouth

Posted 1 week ago

Awww much better #theyearofmanicure